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Address at the Third Rare Disease in SEE Conference
Saturday, 15 November 2014 11:16

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It was with great pleasure that I accepted the invitation to open the 3rd Conference on Rare Diseases in Southeast Europe, organized by the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts and the Association for Rare Diseases "Life with Challenges".
I would like to greet the present guests, organizers and participants of this important Conference on behalf of my husband, the President of the Republic of Macedonia, Dr. Gjorge Ivanov, who wishes you a successful implementation of the Conference agenda, inspiring speeches and constructive discussions, as well as concrete initiatives for the benefit of the people with rare diseases in the Republic of Macedonia.

Respected All,

Even at the onset, I am confident that this Conference will go smoothly since it gathers together all stakeholders active in the field of rare diseases in the Republic of Macedonia. On this occasion, I praise the organizers and all participants who have supported the Conference with their presence and involvement.
First, I would like to extend my greetings to the patients with rare diseases and their families. Then, the representatives of citizens' associations, active in the field of rare diseases, research institutions, the academia, doctors and experts working in the field of rare diseases, as well as the representatives of state agencies dealing with this segment of healthcare.
Because the field of rare diseases is a small segment of the overall health care sector in a country, all concerned parties should share partner relation, which is inter-dependent, open and fair. Today, all partners in this area in the Republic of Macedonia are at one place, attending an event, which means that the rare disease community is set on a solid and unique basis. It demonstrates our unity and common commitment to promote and improve the current situation with rare diseases in the Republic of Macedonia.
In this regard, I would like to emphasize and welcome the commitment of the citizens' associations which are active in the field of rare diseases for their orchestrated actions before the other stakeholders, with their excellent example of establishing the National Alliance for Rare Diseases of the Republic of Macedonia in April this year.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today's forum of the Macedonian partners is complemented and enriched with the presence of prominent and distinguished internationally recognized experts, who, from the field of their expertise, will deliver presentations on rare diseases and will encourage exchange of positive experience on the possibilities of diagnosing, treatment protocols and curing rare diseases, as well as recommendations for more advanced and modern theoretical and practical achievements. I compliment all foreign participants and express my sincere gratitude to them for their involvement in the today's forum.

Respected All,

Two years in a row I have the special honor to be holder of the title European Honorary Patron of the European Organization for Rare Diseases-EURORDIS seated in Brussels. My involvement in this special and very active European organization inspired me to even greater efforts in the field of rare diseases, both at national and European level.
At national level, my commitment in raising public awareness on rare diseases is dedicated to helping and supporting one of the priorities of the National Alliance for Rare Diseases - integrated approach of all concerned parties for detection, diagnosis, particularly early diagnosis, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and social integration of people with rare diseases and their families. I applaud and support all the efforts of the competent national institutions.
I am convinced that through the Program for Rare Diseases Treatment of the Ministry of Health assistance is provided to a number of patients with rare diseases. Yet, the adoption of a National Strategy for Rare Diseases in the Republic of Macedonia would mean a huge step forward in the health policy on rare diseases of our country that would provide a major contribution to all patients with rare diseases.

retkibolesti02Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am especially pleased with the proactive approach of the Minister of Health, Mr. Nikola Todorov, who, as I was informed by the rare disease organizations, is personally committed to finding solutions to the problems they face.
I commend the engagement of the Health Insurance Fund and I most sincerely hope that from year to year we will hear positive news for the growing number of medications, vitamins, special food for patients with rare diseases on the positive list, subsidies and simplified procedures for import of drugs.
I take this opportunity to commend and encourage all those who are working on scientific research on rare diseases for their increased and committed engagement.
At European level, I am committed to increasing public awareness on rare diseases research, research on advanced therapies, rare disease treatments, especially to maintain the category of rare diseases as a priority in the public health and research at the level of the European Union.
As of this year, I advocate and support the initiative to declare 2019 as the European Year of Rare Diseases. 2019 marks 20 years since the adoption of the EU Regulation on Orphan Medicinal Products and 10 years of the Council recommendation on an action in the field of rare diseases. I urge everyone to support this campaign and vote for the European Year of Rare Diseases that would send a strong message on behalf of the 30 million patients in Europe with 6,000 to 7,000 different rare diseases. This will alert the public and raise awareness of rare diseases and thus will encourage scientists and researchers to focus on rare diseases research which is regularly extremely exhausting for the patients and often endangers their lives.

Respected All,

Rare diseases are a small segment in the heath care system. It certainly does not mean that rare diseases should be ignored. Rarity does not mean rare engagement or rare commitment to this topic. Their rarity means that a better positioning of the rare diseases in the health system is required. It implies increased and strongly committed involvement for introducing changes in this area.

When we talk about rare diseases we actually talk about human lives, not just statistics and figures, whether it is one of ten thousand or one in a million. The rarer the disease of the patients is the more difficult, expensive and inaccessible the treatment is; therefore they need assistance.

I call upon you all, with all our available resources, with all our capacity, to get engaged and dedicated in introducing changes in the field of rare diseases so that we can assist the people with rare diseases and help them in meeting their needs and overcoming the problems they face every day.

Helping our closest ones makes us better people, and the great Mahatma Gandhi said "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others".

Thank you.

Activities of Ms. Ivanova during the Official Visit of President Ivanov to the Republic of Serbia
Friday, 31 October 2014 22:10
Обраќање на г-ѓа Маја Иванова на 7. Национална конференција за борба против ракот на дојката
Tuesday, 14 October 2014 19:40
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Драги борки,
Почитувани екселенции,
Почитуван министер Тодоров,
Почитувана амбасадорке Оер,
Почитувана г-ѓа Волерс,
Почитувана директорке на фондот за здравство, г-ѓа Парнаџиева-Змејкова,
Почитувани дами и господа,

Посебно место меѓу моите активности како сопруга на Претседателот на Република Македонија заземаат активностите со кои ја поддржувам мисијата на најгласниот и најупорен борец против ракот на дојката во земјата, здружението „Борка – за секој нов ден". И токму поради тоа, секоја година редовно и со големо задоволство ја прифаќам поканата на „Борка" да присуствувам и да се обратам на националната конференција за борба против овој карцином.

На почетокот, ја користам оваа прилика да ви ги пренесам поздравите од мојот сопруг, Претседателот на Република Македонија, д-р Ѓорге Иванов, и да ја искажам неговата голема поддршка за националната кампања за борба против ракот на дојка.

Нашата поддршка е за организаторите на конференцијата, за сите поддржувачи на оваа благородна мисија, за сите пријатели на Борка, за сите волонтери и активисти во борбата против ракот на дојка, за сите нивни активности со кои ја пренесуваат пораката за оваа болест до секоја жена во Република Македонија.

Дами и господа,

Ги поздравуваме сите проекти, кампањи и акции на државните институции, здравствените установи, медицинските работници, општествено одговорните бизниси и на граѓанскиот сектор, особено оние во октомври како глобално прифатен месец за подигање на јавната свест за ракот на дојка.

Затоа, и овој пат ве повикувам да продолжиме со активности кои ќе резултираат со зголемена јавна свест и да ја поддржиме нашата заедничка цел – да го предизвикаме вниманието на женската популација за значењето од превенција и рано откривање на оваа болест.

Да потсетуваме на редовните индивидуални и лекарски прегледи и нивно вклучување во годишните скрининг програми за рано откривање и евентуална превенција. Да успееме да влијаеме во откривањето на болеста во нејзиниот ран стадиум, кога лекувањето е многу поефикасно.

Да повикаме на што подобри и поуспешни лекувања, ефикасни третмани, достапни и отворени онколошки болнички капацитети и најсовремени постоперативни корективни процедури.

Многу од овие цели се постигнати, но секогаш има простор за подобрување и во таа насока сите ние треба заедно и сплотено да работиме.

borka02Почитувани присутни,

Денес морам да укажам на еден факт кој мораме да го прифатиме како неоспорна вистина и да се обидеме да го пренесеме до сите жени.

Секоја од нас ја демне заканата од болеста рак на дојка.

Некои жени имаат поголеми предиспозиции да бидат погодени од болеста, но шансите секоја жена да биде соочена со ваква дијагноза е голема.

Поради тоа, не треба да се изолираме и повлекуваме. Дијагнозата за рак на дојка може да и' биде соопштена на секоја од нас. Секоја жена треба да биде доволно свесна дека грижата за своето здравје не е луксуз, не е претерување, не е наметнување, не е ништо друго освен нејзино загарантирано право, за кое би дополнила дека можеби треба да го прифати повеќе како обврска, а не како можност. Мораме да правиме редовни само-прегледи, а најмалку еднаш годишно да направиме и лекарски преглед. Нема оправдување дека не сме во можност, нема оправдување дека немаме време, нема оправдување дека немаме средства и слични изговори.

Ценети присутни,

Нашите драги борки сведочат и нè потсетуваат со нивните бројни активности дека не смееме да се опуштиме и да се откажеме од редовната грижа за своето здравје. Нашите борки се жените кои сведочеле на ситуацијата кога лично ним или на нивната мајка, сестра, тетка или баба им била соопштена дијагнозата рак на дојка. И покрај сите предизвици и искушенија низ кои поминале стојат исправено и гордо повикувајќи на свесност кај нивните сограѓанки за ракот на дојка. Нивните заложби се видливи кај женската популација и затоа нивниот труд е високо ценет и почитуван. Драги борки, продолжете со вашата розова борба. Ја имате мојата и неизмерната почит и благодарност од сите нас. Вашата розова панделка и оптимизмот се доказ дека во оваа борба може да се успее. Вие докажавте дека може да се успее и дека оваа болест може да се победи.


На крајот, морам да нагласам дека при секоја активност за борба против ракот на дојка имам една едноставна мисла водилка.
Ако настаните како овој денес можат да помогнат да се спаси барем еден живот, барем на една жена да и се помогне да ја открие заканата додека не е предоцна, тоа е повеќе од причина да се собереме, да се ангажираме и заедно работиме и во иднина.

Ви благодарам.


Ms. Ivanova in support of the project "Autism Summer Camp" and "Volunteerism in Service of Autism"
Tuesday, 08 July 2014 13:17

The wife of the President of the Republic of Macedonia, Ms. Maja Ivanova, received today in Villa Biljana in Ohrid, the participants in the project "Autism Summer Camp" and "Volunteerism in Service of Autism", organized by the Association for Treatment of Persons with Autism, ADHD and Asperger's syndrome, "In My World".

At the meeting, Ms. Ivanova, was informed about the project "Autism Summer Camp" and "Volunteerism in Service of Autism", as well as with the planned activities within the two projects aimed at developing and improving the communication and social skills of autistic children and promoting tolerance and respect for diversity and direct interaction with people who have autism.

As a supporter of the events held to raise public awareness about autism and how to deal with it, Ms. Maja praised the activities of the association "In My World" and the projects "Autism Summer Camp" and "Volunteerism in service of Autism". These projects contribute to improving the position of children with autism and their encouragement in the fight with this syndrome. Ms. Ivanova once again expressed the support of President Ivanov and her personal support for all activities and initiatives arising from this organization and the parents of children with autism.

Expressing gratitude for the reception, the representatives of the Association for Treatment of Persons with Autism, ADHD and Asperger's Syndrome "In My World," expressed satisfaction with the continued commitment and support they receive from Ms. Ivanova for their projects, events and initiatives.

The project "Autism Summer Camp" that take place from July 4-11, which includes 15 parents and 15 children facing this problem, aims to develop communication and social skills, and application of appropriate techniques and therapies that will help children with autism and their families. The project "Volunteerism in Service of Autism" is a continuation of the first project that was organized in 2013 and was assessed as a very successful youth project at European level. This project is a youth exchange, connecting 36 participants, 6 from each 6 participating countries, Macedonia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Slovenia, which will create an opportunity to break down stereotypes and prejudice and raise awareness among citizens on autism.


Equipment donated on the initiative of Ms. Ivanova to KARIL
Wednesday, 25 June 2014 13:52

Over 50,000 Euro is the donation of the State of Qatar in beds and medical equipment that was presented today at the Clinic for Anesthesia, Reanimation and Intensive Care - KARIL in Skopje.

The donation, first at this Clinic in more than 20 years, is provided on the initiative of the Wife of the President of the Republic of Macedonia, Ms. Maja Ivanova, and her personal contacts with Sheikha Mozah, the mother of the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani.

"It is a result of the visit of my husband, the President of the Republic of Macedonia, to the State of Qatar, where I had the opportunity to meet Her Highness Sheikha Mozah and exchang views on the activities we implement in both our countries. I informed her on the activities we implement in support of children, especially children with special needs and autism, and in the overall health care system. I presented the major government projects in the field of health, as well as the desire, ideas and plans I have to help in some way in the provision of support for improvement of the health sector and all patients in our clinics. Hence, this support arose," Ms. Ivanova said.

karil2The Director of the Emergency Center, Dr. Recep Selmani, expressed gratitude for the donation of the State of Qatar, saying it is the first in a long time.

"We are receiving a valuable donation. Our institution now has sophisticated equipment that we will use to offer quality health care," Dr. Selmani said.

The Qatari Ambassador, Hassan Bin Abdullah Zaid Al-Mahmoud, said that the donation is a confirmation of the depth of the Qatari-Macedonian relations.

"On this occasion, I would like to thank the Wife of the President of the Republic of Macedonia, Ms. Maja Ivanova, for her humane activities for the Intensive Care Centre in Skopje. I wish the people of the Republic of Macedonia good health and prosperity," the Qatari Ambassador said.

Ms. Maja Ivanova in support of the “Programme for complete socialization of children with special needs in their communities” project
Monday, 09 June 2014 00:00

The wife of the President of the Republic of Macedonia, Ms. Maja Ivanova, attended today the launch of the "Programme for complete socialization of children with special needs in their communities" project, funded by the European Union and implemented by the Apollonia Foundation - Gevgelija, in partnership with the Macedonian Scientific Society for Autism - Skopje.

Within the project, one therapeutic and three sensory rooms for children with special needs were opened in Gevgelija, Bogdanci, Dojran and Valandovo.

In her address in the day center for children with special needs in Gevgelija, Ms. Ivanova expressed support for the "Programme for complete socialization of children with special needs in their communities" project.

"My role, as wife of the President of the Republic of Macedonia, for me, is a serious challenge, but also a great responsibility, to invest all my strength and capacities to support initiatives which could at least make the slightest change for the youngest in the society, and even more for children with special needs. I am doing it primarily as a mother who sympathizes with parents of children with special needs and understands the challenges they face every day," said Ms. Ivanova.

According to Ms. Ivanova, the opening of a therapeutic room in the day center for children with special needs in Gevgelija opens a new chapter in this municipality to improve conditions and increase opportunities for children with special needs. She added that the children will work with their parents, medics, special educators, speech therapists, therapists and educational staff.

In her address in Bogdanci, Ms. Ivanova said that the opening of the sensory room within the elementary school "Petar Musev" in the municipality of Bogdanci is a positive example of cooperation between local governments, local educational institutions and NGOs.

"Their joint and dedicated work to improve the conditions for social inclusion of children with special needs yields results and I believe it will meet the needs of children with disabilities in Bogdanci and their families," said Ms. Ivanova.

Dojran_0906At the opening of the sensory room within the elementary school "Koco Racin" in Dojran, Ms. Ivanova stressed that the project, implemented by Apollonia Foundation, in partnership with the Macedonian Scientific Society for Autism and supported by the European Union Delegation, is extremely positive example that should be an inspiration for other municipalities and regions on how to improve the conditions for social inclusion of children with special needs.

In her address in Valandovo Ms. Ivanova noted that many of her activities are intended to support projects for improvement of the living conditions of children with special needs, such as opening a sensory room within the elementary school "Josip Broz".

"Projects of humanitarian, educational, cultural or social nature, with an ultimate goal of helping the social inclusion of children with special needs, always have my full and unconditional support," Ms. Ivanova said.

The main objective of the "Programme for complete socialization of children with special needs in their communities" project is to increase social integration and development of children with special needs in these 4 municipalities of southeast region: Gevgelija, Bogdanci, Dojran and Valandovo, and will be implemented by February next year.

Ms. Ivanova participates in the “Macedonia reads books to children” campaign
Saturday, 31 May 2014 13:18

The wife of the President of the Republic of Macedonia, Ms. Maja Ivanova, took part today in the "Macedonia reads books to children" campaign, organized by the publishing house "Kultura" and the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Macedonia.

Ms. Ivanova and the wife of the Polish Ambassador to Macedonia, Ms Kinga Netman Multanowska, in front of the "Kultura" bookshop spent time and read books to the children of the primary school "Koco Racin" - Skopje, the SOS Children's Village and children with special needs from the Association "Give us Wings".

Ms. Ivanova urged their parents to encourage their children to read books, because, as she said, each book read is a priceless treasure.

"I am very pleased that in the next few weeks popular and prominent figures from the fields of culture, art, music and sports will socialize with children and in a way bring the magic of the book closer to every child," said Ms. Ivanova, expressing pleasure that today's event takes place on the eve of the International Children's Day - June 1.

She expressed hope that such activities will continue in the future so that the books and the written word are brought closer to each child.

mi02"Еach page read opens up a new world view. New words and a lot of things are learnt, children's imagination is developed. Children somehow empathize with the characters from the novels and books they read," Ms. Ivanova added.

She reminded that we live in a time when the Internet and computers rule and added that every child spends time on the computer.

"Every child can read a book or to understand the plot of a book at the computer. I think that thoughts, beautiful words in the book, landscapes described are seen if we have the book in our hands," Ms. Ivanova emphasized.

Ms. Kinga Netman Multanowska said that it is a privilege to have Ms. Ivanova in this campaign. She informed that this campaign was launched in the Republic of Poland in 2001 and is very popular, with a great success achieved.

"We hope that with the help of Ms. Ivanova we will make Macedonia read more books. Polish children read a lot. Eighty percent of Polish children read books every year, many books, not just one and not just school books," Ms. Netman Multanovska said, adding that Macedonia has wonderful authors and publishers.

According to her, the book is everything, the book is the world, and the Internet can not replace it.

"It is important to teach children to read. Then, we will have adults who buy books and read a lot," she added.

The following reading sessions are scheduled throughout June with orphans and children with disabilities, aimed at their greater integration in the society. Reading sessions will be held every Wednesday at 18:00 p.m. and every Saturday at 11:00 a.m. in front of the "Kultura" bookstore in Skopje.

Maja Ivanova: United against breast cancer
Saturday, 17 May 2014 00:00

The wife of the President of the Republic of Macedonia, Ms. Maja Ivanova, attended today and supported the humanitarian event "Go Pink 2014", organized by the association "Borka", dedicated to the fight against breast cancer.

In her speech, Ms. Ivanova expressed support for the pink "Borka" campaign aimed at raising awareness on the fight against breast cancer.

"With this, we actually give support to families and friends of those suffering from breast cancer. We give support and thank the dedicated doctors and nurses who are struggling daily along with their patients. We give our support and gratitude to all the sponsors, donors and friends of this campaign. But the outpouring support we give to those who are facing the illness in these moments, those who need immense support from all of us. Let us help them overcome this period and come out as real winners. Even today, I send sincere greetings to them, believing that next year they will walk, upright and proud, the pink ribbon drawn on the streets of our capital with us. Our prayers and thoughts are with you," said Ms. Ivanova in her speech.

At the event, Ms. Ivanova took part in the pink walk as part of a awareness raising campaign for breast cancer.

borka1"The Pink Walk this year was announced by Borka members with the words: "For all those who have chosen to believe and for all those who dared to fight". Today, I stand with them, and I am one of them and I proudly walk with them. Together we will spread the pink message, we will form the pink ribbon, and together we will fight against breast cancer," said Ms. Ivanova.

The wife of the President of the Republic of Macedonia supports this event ever since it was launched and backs all activities of the Association "Borka" in the fight against breast cancer.

The campaign was also supported by the US Ambassador, Mr. Paul Wohlers, and the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia, Ms. Gordana Jankuloska.


World Autism Awareness Day Marked
Wednesday, 02 April 2014 13:22
Ms. Ivanova gives Christmas presents to the children in the Pediatric Clinic
Tuesday, 31 December 2013 00:00

The Spouse of the President of the Republic of Macedonia, Ms. Maja Ivanova, visited today the Pediatric Clinic in Skopje, where, along with the members of the Ivanov School of Leaders Alumni Association (ISLAA), gave Christmas presents to the children who are treated at this clinic, as well as books and toys made by their peers from the kindergartens throughout Macedonia as part of humanitarian action "Embrace as a Gift".

We are here to give presents to the children who will spend the New Year's Eve in the hospital, in the strong hands of the staff. These are holidays when we give love and express our support to those who need it most. All children have their own desires, dreams and wishes. I believe that the children at the clinic have one wish – to be healthy and be in the arms of their family, Ms. Ivanova said. At the same time, the First Lady, on behalf of her husband, President Ivanov, and on behalf of their son Ivan, congratulated the New 2014 and wished them fast recovery and fulfillment of all dreams and desires.

The Director of the Pediatric Clinic, Aspazija Sofijanova, said that there are children unable to be at home for the New Year's Eve and will spend the night together. klinika2This year, with the wife of the President, Ms. Maja Ivanova, we have made a revolution at the Clinic and we bring back the smile on the children's faces as much as we can, Sofijanova said. Emilija Dzurovska, project coordinator of the humanitarian action "Embrace as a Gift" reminded that the action aims to introduce humanity in the early age among children in kindergarten by making toys for their friends who have to stay during the holidays in a hospital. "Embrace as a Gift" brings happiness for the third time to the children in the hospitals with the handmade toys from their friends from kindergartens throughout Macedonia, said Dzurovska.

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