Address by the President of the Republic of Macedonia, Dr. Gjorge Ivanov
Wednesday, 14 March 2018 20:03   

PRM_ObrakjanjeRespected citizens,

First of all, I would like to address the people's representatives in the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia.

When I returned the Law on the Use of Languages, I explained in detail and legally my decision. I asked you to carefully review my remarks and expected you to act responsibly, conscientiously and as required by the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly.

I closely followed your actions in the parliamentary committees and plenary sessions.

The way you adopted this Law for the second time is institutional violence and a blow to democracy. I hope you are aware of the precedent you are making and the consequences and damages in the rule of law, which in the future may result of this precedent.

Not only did you abuse the European flag of this Law, but you also violated all legal procedures and deadlines in the manner of its adoption.

In no time did you consult science and the competent institutions that are the most competent in giving their opinion on the issue of the Law on the Use of Languages ​​in the Republic of Macedonia.

That is not how the state is run.

Our strategic goals are not attained in this way.

The Constitution is not respected, something you swore to when you assumed your extremely responsible social duty.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In the period of assigning the current Prime Minister's mandate, on several occasions I clearly and publicly pointed out that the issue of the use of the Albanian language must not jeopardize the constitutional order of the Republic of Macedonia.

For those reasons, I asked the current Prime Minister for written assurances that the new coalition government, with its politically motivated moves, would not endanger the sovereignty and constitutional order of the Republic of Macedonia.

Guarantees were given but were not respected.

The Law on the Use of Languages, in the manner in which it is written, but also adopted, will cause a complete blockade of the work of the institutions. If institutions are blocked, the issue of redefining our constitutional order is likely to be opened up.

The Law on the Use of Languages ​​is an unjust and repressive law which favors only one language. Such a law will deepen inter-ethnic tensions and pose a threat to interethnic coexistence.

Respected citizens,

The 30-day deadline for opening a parliamentary debate has expired, the debate on the amendments of the opposition MPs has been circumvented, the advice of the European Union have been ignored, the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia and the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly have been violated.

According to its repressive content and the violent way it was adopted, this Law is not an expression of democracy. This Law is an expression of the tyranny of the parliamentary majority on the majority of citizens of the Republic of Macedonia. The majority of citizens has never voted or would ever vote for a political program that envisages such an anti-constitutional, anti-state and fundamentally unjust law. Moreover, the unjust law does not deserve to be called law.

As President of the Republic of Macedonia, I will not allow this.

Therefore, I will not sign a decree declaring a law that has been adopted in this way. A law that abused the European flag, a law for which there was no debate on the amendments that resulted from my suggestions, a law that was passed not obeying the procedures, a law that is unconstitutional and a law that violates the given guarantees.

The Constitution and my conscience do not allow me to sign a decree declaring such a law.