Address by the President of the Republic of Macedonia, Dr. Gjorge Ivanov
Tuesday, 28 November 2017 18:37   

Obrakjanje28112017Distinguished citizens of the Republic of Macedonia,

The political, as well as physical violence during the events of April 27 must be subject to responsibility. Whoever acted against the Constitution and laws should be held responsible accordingly. However, responsibility must not be generalized. Human rights, presumption of innocence and accurate qualification of alleged criminal acts must be respected and observed.

I have supported and I support the civil initiative "For a common Macedonia" that, for more than two and a half months, in a peaceful and dignified way, expressed their concern for the national interests of the Republic of Macedonia. The citizens who came together and demonstrated an idea of unity are not and cannot be treated as a terrorist organization.

I have continuously been receiving information and I am concerned about the political revanchism that is becoming visible at several levels, from public administration to court cases and police actions. This installs fear and uncertainty that bring about a state of tensions and political destabilization.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In conditions when we are to fulfill many assumed obligations to consolidate our society, both in terms of European and Euro-Atlantic integration, our entire energy should be focused on building a consensus for national dialogue and implementation of reforms.

Revanchism and demonstration of power generate polarization of society, a condition in which we cannot expect progress in the reform processes.

I call upon a reasonable and responsible behavior by all relevant institutions that must respect the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Macedonia. Everyone is responsible for their actions and aware of the consequences they might produce.

The citizens of the Republic of Macedonia expect solutions, and not problems. Citizens expect greater wellbeing and prosperity. All political entities should serve to realize those interests of the citizens.

At the end, I wish to remind you of something I said last year.

There is nothing more tragic and more dangerous than an intra-Macedonian conflict. Whenever we were divided, we were occupied, persecuted, renamed and alienated.

Thank you.