Address on the Opening Ceremony of the 57th Ohrid Summer Festival
Wednesday, 12 July 2017 22:10   

Ohridsko_letoDear art lovers,

More than six millennia ago, somewhere in the heart of Eurasia, some of the first artists used their God given capacity and freedom to play, sing, dance and paint. They gathered the first audience around them. A man from that audience expressed his awe for the creative skills and powers of those first original artists in only one word. That word was - magh. Throughout the centuries, this proto Indo-European word travelled through many peoples, cultures and civilizations. It was engraved in clay plates, papyrus, parchments and paper. In that process, it changed its form and substance, acquiring various meanings until it finally reached us in the form of the word – magic.

Today, as we prepare to walk down the road to magic, it would be good to remind ourselves that we are actually walking down the road to power. However, this is not in the sense of the selfish power to dominate and control, but the altruistic power to create and share. That is the power of art.

For 57 years now, the Ohrid Summer festival has been our path towards the power of art. Every year, many artists from Macedonia, Europe and the world walk down that very road, selflessly sharing their creativity and satisfying our profound yearning for beauty, kindness and freedom. Therefore, there is no better way to start our journey towards beauty but through jazz, whose second name is freedom.

With this thought, I declare the Ohrid Summer Festival open!