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Holiday greetings by President Ivanov on the occasion of the national holiday 8 December – Saint Clement of Ohrid
Saturday, 08 December 2018 09:23
Reaction from the Cabinet of the President of the Republic of Macedonia to the press release of SDSM
Friday, 07 December 2018 20:04

The Cabinet of the President of the Republic of Macedonia strongly reacts to the SDSM statement and deems it as a desperate attempt to blame the Secretary General of the Cabinet, Mr. Boris Josifovski of an alleged involvement in the events on 27 April.

We understand the anxiety in SDSM caused by their failure to spin the truth about 27 April and their failure to cover up the disastrous mistakes as well as their own incompetence in running the country, but in order to prevent further speculating and spreading of misinformation, we would like to inform the public that the presence of Boris Josifovski in the VMRO-DPMNE headquarters on 27 April is not an unfamiliar fact.

The Secretary General of the President's Cabinet was summoned to the Primary Public Prosecution Office back in November, last year, and under a full moral and legal liability gave a detailed statement on all of his movements and the contacts he made, and has responded to all of the inquires.

We would like to remind SDSM that Boris Josifovski is a member of VMRO-DPMNE and as a member of that party his presence in the party's headquarters is beyond any dispute. At the same time we would like to point out that presence does not presupposes involvement in specific activities. The presence of Josifovski in the VMRO-DPMNE headquarters on 27 April was due to a planned appointment which had nothing to do with any kind of coordination of any type of activities related to an alleged declaration of state of war or a state of an emergency. After he was called by the President to assemble the Cabinet, Josifovski returned to his workplace.

In accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia, the freedom of movement is a guaranteed human right, unless another reality appeared in the meantime of which we are not aware of.

Condolences from the President of the Republic of Macedonia, Dr. Gjorge Ivanov on the death of Mr. Ljubisha Georgievski
Thursday, 06 December 2018 15:46

Dear citizens,

It is with great sadness that I received the news of the death of our director, writer and professor Ljubisha Georgiveski.

Although I do not have the appropriate words that can describe how grave the loss is, allow me to express my most sincere and deepest condolences to his family and to the whole Macedonian public in these sad moments. With the death of Ljubisha Georgievski we lost a great intellectual, artist and a patriot. Through his artistic work he left an indelible mark on the Macedonian theatre and film inaugurating himself as a creative and thoughtful bard of the Macedonian art and culture. There are more than 160 theatre plays and several motion pictures behind him, which withstood the criticism of time. Ljubisha Georgievski, with his lucidity, creative courage and human virtue was our pride and inspiration.

Throughout his exceptionally rich political and diplomatic career he responsibly and creatively played out his roles of President of the Assembly and Ambassador to Sofia and Belgrade where he vigorously defended the state interests of the Republic of Macedonia. As a member of my Council on Foreign Relations he provided wise advices and reflections on the key issues of the Republic of Macedonia.

Also, through his artistic and social engagements, Georgievski fought for the Macedonian cause remaining faithful to his values, opinions and beliefs until the end of his life.

We will be eternally thankful for everything he has done for the Republic of Macedonia and for the legacy he left behind, one that will remain a guide and a light for the future generations.

May he rest in peace, and eternal glory unto him.

Dr. Gjorge Ivanov

Meeting of President Ivanov with the Polish President Andrzej Duda
Monday, 03 December 2018 17:13

The President of the Republic of Macedonia, Dr. Gjorge Ivanov held a bilateral meeting with the President of the Republic of Poland, Mr. Andrzej Duda within the framework of the Climate Change Conference COP 24 that is taking place in Katowice.

Opinions were exchanged on the overall bilateral relations between the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Poland at the meeting, and it was concluded that both countries promote friendly and constructive relations with stable political dialogue.

President Ivanov expressed his gratitude for the overall support of the Republic of Poland since the establishment of diplomatic relations which mark their 25 anniversary this year, as well as for the use of our constitutional name in the bilateral relations.

Pointing out that the Republic of Poland is an important and proven partner and supporter of the Macedonian integration in EU and NATO, the Macedonian President expressed interest for further promotion of the bilateral cooperation through an exchange of high-level visits.

Opinions and information on the migrant and refugee crisis were exchanged at the meeting, where the Macedonian President expressed his gratitude for the assistance the Republic of Poland provided. In this context, the Macedonian President emphasized that the Polish contingent, as part of the foreign police forces, provides a significant support of the Macedonian security forces in their task of controlling and suppressing the attempts at illegal crossings of our southern border.

President Duda indicated that the Polish support for the Republic of Macedonia, both for our Euro-Atlantic integrations and the migrant crisis will continue in the future.

At the meeting, opinions were exchanged on the overall condition in the region, in the context of its European and Euro-Atlantic perspective.


Condolences from President Ivanov on the death of George H. W. Bush, former President of USA
Saturday, 01 December 2018 00:00

The President of the Republic of Macedonia, Dr. Gjorge Ivanov sent a letter of condolence to George W. Bush, former President of the United States of America, on the death of his father, George H. W. Bush, the former President of the United States of America.

Distinguished Mr. President,

We were deeply saddened to hear the news of your father's passing, the Honorable George H. W. Bush, the 41st President of the United States of America.

On this sad occasion, allow me to convey, on my behalf, as well as on behalf of the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, our deepest condolences and sincere regret for your loss.

The name of President Bush will remain deeply engraved in the memory of the Macedonian citizens. The citizens of the Republic of Macedonia will remember him as a great friend and as a supporter of our country in a time when we were facing serious challenges and great temptations. The United States of America, under the leadership of George H. W. Bush supported the decision of the Macedonian citizens on self-determination and declaration of an independent and sovereign country. That policy was further developed under your leadership when you reached a decision, on principle, on recognizing the constitutional name of the Republic of Macedonia. The Republic of Macedonia and the Macedonian citizens never forget their friends.

We remain grateful for his commitment to preserve and promote the friendship and the cooperation between our two countries and our peoples.

May he rest in peace.

Dr. Gjorge Ivanov 

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